So today I’m back out to work. I miss my babies so much I could cry. I’m exhausted. And guess what I find out on my own… co worker is on vacation for about 2mths. All well and good but then I don’t know who was holding on for me and where I’m taking over from.

The last thing I need right now is to be working 2 desks. I no longer have a pc on my desk so I’m also waiting to here what’s up with that as I used to do some of my work on it. Even though someone from upstairs came and filled me in a little just now I’m still a bit clueless.

Anyway, have a great day today guys!


3 Months!!

The prince was 3mths yesterday….I can’t believe it! This child is my heart! I’m so in love with him(does that sound weird?)

Sooner than I want he’ll be heading off to pre-school and then primary. I just want to hold onto him a little longer….just a little bit. I wish I could frozen time because trust me I WOULD! I’d do it just to be able to savor every moment just a few minutes or maybe even hours more.

When I think of how this world is I just pray and hope that the good Lord above continues to protect my babies at all times!

Til next time…..

1 On 1

So since the arrival of Jr we don’t often get to spend one on one time with K. For all the mommas with 2 or more kiddos you’ve been there before….you know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes when he’s sleeping or even when he’s up but quiet, we play hide and seek with her as that’s one of her favorite games. The other day hubby and I were running to the grocery and so we left Jr with his granny and K said she wanted to go with us so we carried her. When leaving the grocery she asked to go in the park(which was more or less opposite the grocery) so we went for a little and then was on our way home. I must say it was fun and watching her have fun was nice as well…..

Their Priorities…..

So my parents don’t get to see the kids very often unless they’re picking K up from school whenever one of us can’t and they probably saw the baby about 3-4 times in person. No fault of anyone’s. We don’t have a car and I’m not going to be traveling back and forth with them especially Jr as it’s rainy season.

A few of the times rain fell last week and week before I asked them to go for K for me and bring her home. When I went to get her from the car they kept hinting for her to come by them for the July/August vacation. I spoke to hubby about it and seeing that his work schedule changed I informed my mom that I would work around it as I’m also going back out to work in 2weeks time. I told her the days that he’s working in the day they could come for us and drop us back before he gets home.

On learning that he was working the 6-2 shift Monday & Tuesday, I messaged and told her that they can come for us Monday and gave her a time, to which she replied can’t I do Wednesday or Thursday because football going on and they want to devote all their time to them(the kids)?! Brrrrr 🤔🤔… husband turned to me and basically said What?…so that more important than spending time with them? They can always hear after which team won or lost. Now I can’t say I blame him because as much as Brazil may be my mom’s favorite team and what not…she’s always talking about how they don’t see the kids often. Well if you missed them so much and you really wanted to see them, to me, no football would’ve gotten in the way of that but instead as my hubby rightfully pointed out as always…they never bend or try to meet anyone. It’s always their way. So the reason she picked Wednesday or Thursday was because it had no football and those were the days in which they could have devoted all their time to their grandkids. All well and good, except hubby’s working that afternoon so he’d want to spend the morning half of the day with us and to be honest I would too as I miss him alot.

Tell me…Do you think their priorities are in order? Is it fair that I should give up the time we can spend as a family to suit them? Share your thoughts with me on this matter….I really want to hear it!

He’s Back Out!

So yesterday hubby went back out to work after being home on vacation for more than 2 months. I must say that I do miss him alot. I’ve gotten accustomed to him being home with me during the day and helping out etc and now that’s all I long for. In future I honestly feel like we both should work from home.

I dread going back out to work because u honestly want to stay at home with Jr just lie I did with K but sadly if I do that, the things that we have to get done would be put on hold again and I really want things to get moving. One thing I’m not doing though is putting him in daycare. I didn’t do it with my daughter and I’m not doing it with home. I just don’t trust people with my kids!!

Anywho, I await my husband’s next vacation and hopefully I’ll be home with him again. Can’t wait!!!!

No Competition

Motherhood is no competition. We all bust our asses day in and day out to make sure our kids have the best possible childhood and life…The good parents at least. The best thing we can do is be there for each other and support each other as moms. Some people really need a shoulder to lean on especially the single moms because they take on both responsibilities and I’m pretty sure it can be overwhelming at times.

We need to stop judging each other. Everyone has a different parenting style so don’t come down on someone because they parent different than you. Offer advice when needed! Check in on one another from time to time to make sure things are good because you never know what that person may be going through.

Be blessed my beautiful mommas!!!