Monday Mornings…

Morning everyone!!! Hope you guys had a great weekend.

Forget about last week and the things you probably weren’t able to accomplish. It’s a new day, a new week! Thank the Lord for waking us up this morning.



4 Things They Never Tell You About Parenting…

Going in order:

  1. Each decision that you make from the time you conceive will have an effect on your kid(s), so you need to make sure that your child’s best interest is at heart ALWAYS!
  2. They never really tell you how hard breastfeeding is for some moms. I can tell you firsthand….it wasn’t easy for me with K at all! I got so frustrated sometimes because all I ever wanted to do was breastfeed and have that bond with her but nevertheless, she’s happy and healthy and that’s all I’m concerned about right now.
  3. The relationship with my MIL started off rocky but then we got goodish, lol BUT when I got pregnant and had K and even now that I’m a second time mom, she thinks she knows everything and I don’t and questions my decisions at times which I don’t like at all causing some tension from time to time.
  4. Lastly….EVERYBODY FEELS THEY KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR YOUR CHILD(REN) MORE THAN YOU. No matter how much children someone has, that particular child’s mum knows what’s best for him/her and people need to respect that more. Granted there are some women that shouldn’t be mums clearly by the way they treat their kids etc but overall, people need to stay in their lane!

Flashback Friday

MONDAY– Today was one rainy day! When my supervisor was leaving, she told me when I’m finished I could lock up and go which I was glad to do as I was already finished. I wasted no time. I messaged hubby and told him that I was on my way to meet him. I had to wait a while for transport but I got to him safely and we came up the road together as usual. As always whenever rain falls here, it’s a total mess. I’ve attached some pics below to show you…. The first two pics are of our Capital City, the other is a nearby community and the last one is one of the places I pass on my way to work on a morning.

TUESDAY– I left work about an hour or two after I arrived as hubby and I had to meet someone unexpectedly. I know some may say its work and I shouldn’t be missing so much days and I get you but to me, my personal life always comes first and at the end of the day if I have something important to do…bet your ass I’ll be doing it and no one is going to stop me. Rain also fell today after lunch causing places to flood as usual.

WEDNESDAY– Today I made sure to complete all the work that was left for me. If it’s one thing they can never say is that I’m not a hard worker. Whether I’m late or leave early I always get my work done. I work to my pace and try not to let anyone over work me because they’re not paying me enough to run myself ragged lol.

THURSDAY– Today after my supervisor threatened to write and email to HR about me not writing up the form like she requested, I took matters into my own hands and went upstairs to speak to the person in charge. It turned out that I did have to sign for the day but if she thinks the reason I signed it was because of her telling me to do so…she’s definitely wrong. The reason behind me writing up the form was because the person in charge actually sat and explained to me the reason why me leaving so early was considered absent and she also said that if employees were given proper information, conflict could be avoided. She ended our conversation by telling me if I had any other questions to feel free to pass and check her. Now that I can deal with!

FRIDAY– Today was quiet. I honestly didn’t have much work to do so I spent most of my time on my phone trying to see if I could plan another small vacation for our family because K keeps asking me every chance she gets. Some members of a newly found Events Committe at my workplace is is being a Children’s Fun Day month end and I’m also considering bringing K with me.

SIDE NOTE: As parents we try our best to do what we can to make our kid(s) happy and that’s basically what I’m doing.

Well that’s all for this week. Til next week Friday. Have a great weekend guys!!!!!


So yesterday I left work early as I had to meet someone with hubby unexpectedly. While I was outside speaking to the person on the phone, my supervisor came and once I spoke to my husband and everything was finalized I gave her some time to settle and then went to tell her that something came up and I needed to leave in the next 15mins and I want sure if I was coming back or not yet. Even though I was leaving just now, I still tried to complete certain things before I left but seeing that other persons weren’t finished using what I needed I told them not to worry I would get it after because j didn’t wanna rush anyone either.

While speaking to my superior, she said to me “So yuh absent then?” So I asked her, “How am I absent if I’m here?” She responded by saying “It’s not even 9 o’clock yet and you’re leaving.” I didn’t want to cause confusion so I just told her ok and she told me “Well best you leave now.”

My thing is this….being absent means that I wasn’t present on the compound but I was here and regardless of how early I left, I WAS HERE! That’s the main thing! It’s not like I planned to come and leave. Something came up and I had to go. I had intentions of coming back but due to the time and rain I didn’t.

When she came this morning she asked me if I wrote up the Sick Leave Form for yesterday and I said no and she asked why. I responded the same as I did yesterday because I wasn’t absent I was here, she continued to question me on whether or not I worked the whole day etc and then told me don’t let us go down that road. Umm what?! I smiled and said…WELL.

I took it upon myself to speak to someone in HR who told me the fact that I was here means that I had the intention of working the day and so despite what time I left it’s not considered absent. That’s all I needed to hear. I’m patiently waiting for her to come tell me something about that again….I may not be so pleasant!

I hope none of you are stressed at work! And trust me I’m not either, lol.


Soooooo yesterday my pumpkin was 4mths old. Soon he’ll be sitting up on his own and eating solids. So far he’s growing nicely. My one wish would be to be able to stay at home with him just as I did with his sister.

Anyway, I’m going to enjoy what I can and make the very best of it. One thing I can say is that he truly enjoys playing with his sister and I’m very happy about that. I hope that their bond continues to grow.

Jungle Jam!!!

For the first time today, we(Hubby,Jr,Keke & I) went to an indoor playground. It was great!!! K enjoyed herself and so did I. It was truly a nice experience! Normally as Jr’s still small we don’t carry him put much unless it’s to the doctor. Other than that once my MIL is available, he stays home wig her and we just take K.

Before we left I invited K’s friend who we went to Sesame Street Live with but his mum couldn’t make it. We’re planning another trip for them later on this month.

I really wanted K to have a blast this vacation as she normally doesn’t do much when she’s on holidays. However, I always make sure she does some work because I don’t want her to go back out and not remember what she learnt last term. Even though it’s vacation, if she doesn’t do we’ll when we’re picking her up in her work, we cut out the t.v and time spent on her tablet so that she focuses more on her studies.

Anywho, til next time……hope you guys are enjoying your weekend too!!!!

Flashback Friday

MONDAY– Today a very agitated patient kept coming back throughout the day to speak with my boss. She saw him the first time but because of how we was behaving nobody really wanted to deal with him again. Other than that I had a fairly quiet day.

TUESDAY– I had to go see about something with hubby which fell through….again. I was a bit disappointed but still decided to go to work but after realising the time I changed my mind, lol. Instead hubby didn’t go to work that afternoon either and we just hung out a bit before coming back home.

WEDNESDAY– Today both hubby and K left home with me his morning. Hubby had something to see about and K got up a little while before we left and asked to go with him so we got her ready quickly and were on our way. I left work my normal time this afternoon as I was trying my best to leave little to no work over til tomorrow. It was all in all a good day.

THURSDAY– Today I stayed home….wasn’t planned but hubby worked last night and when he came home he said he really missed me and asked if I would consider staying home and I DID! Rain fell alot this afternoon so it probably was a good thing that I didn’t go to work because I may have gotten stuck there or on my way home. At the end of the day my family is what’s most important to me so it doesn’t matter whether or not my boss is upset.

FRIDAY– I made sure and reached to work early this morning as how I didn’t go yesterday but it turns out my boss wasn’t there either…yippy! I honestly didn’t have much work today so I got through it as quickly as I could and hubby and K came to meet me after work and we all came up the road.

I am exhausted….So after publishing this post I will be going back to sleep! Hope you all had a great week. Enjoy your weekend!!!!