This year, I am determined to accomplish something, anything that would make a difference in the lives of my family. I’m willing to take risks and hope that everything pans out as it’s supposed too.

I’m trying my best to stay positive and even though no matter how much we try to accomplish all our goals in this one year, I honestly don’t think it’s feasible I’m still going to try!

I want so much for us that it drives me crazy at times and I hope and pray that one day we can all look back and say WE MADE IT!


When All Are Sick….🤮🤒

So today is just a weird day if I should say so. Jr was vomitting since this morning (though he has stopped now). A little before I went for K from school, hubby said he’s starting to feel unwell too and then after getting K from school and bringing her back home, she says some time after that she wants to vomit too.

Hubby and jr were sleeping but both are up now and K is watching some TV and I’m just here like…WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!


Hello and a pleasant good morning to each and everyone that come across this post today.

I just wanna say. It’s a new day and well for us, the start of a new school term. Yes, school reopens today and at the moment K is in the process of getting ready.

It’s January, the start of a new year but today is also Monday and that means the start of a new week.

Set your goals and try to accomplish each one. Pray and be patient! Love and laugh! Leave all the baggage in 2018 and start a fresh this year. This year you are destined for greatness!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very happy new year! I hope that this year brings happiness, peace, joy and prosperity to you and your families. May you continue to enjoy spending time with your loved ones and making more memories that you can cherish later down the road.

Laugh, live and love like there’s no tomorrow because as I always say…you never know when will be your last. Stay safe!

It Has Come And Gone…

So another Christmas has come and gone and I’m beginning to realise that even though I still love this holiday very much, I see a much bigger picture.

Each year we have special days that we recognise like Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas etc. However, I think that instead of just celebrating on those particular days we should shower the people who mean the world to us with love and gifts on any given day in the year. Yes those days are marked for such events but what if your loved one doesn’t live to see that occasion? Then what?!

People die everyday and seeing that nobody knows when they’ll go we should cherish each day and not take it for granted. You can still celebrate those said days but just don’t forget about the other days of the year that you can spend time with friends and family and tell each other “I love you”.

Trouble On Christmas Eve!

Today, well this afternoon to be exact, I am a bit disappointed! This is because we were already cutting it close by going to buy the kids’ presents today.

Unfortunately for us, Friday the car overheated and shut down 3 times while my husband was driving and so on Saturday morning he took it to the mechanic. Needless to say it’s costing more than we wanted it to which then takes away from some of the money we had to do other things.

Today we were supposed to get some of the money to pay the mechanic and also purchase some gifts for K and Jr. However, when my husband got to one of the places it was closed and when I called the other, thinking he could still pass there, they closed early too. So now we have no money to give the mechanic(who btw called me earlier) and no money to buy gifts.

I’m beyond disappointed, I’m sad and angry because I feel like I failed my kids. One of my jobs is to bring joy and happiness in their lives and I know that doesn’t always have to come from buying material things but as K is getting older she obviously realises things more, so when she doesn’t get a present from us, I feel like she’ll be sad and maybe cry and then I’ll feel like an even bigger disappointment! Jr is only 8mths so it’s neither here nor there with him.

Even though we’ll possibly get the money come Thursday or Friday, I still missed “THE DAY”. I guess this is the part of parenting where I have to do my best in sitting her down and explaining to her that she won’t be getting her gift in time for Christmas but that she’ll get it after.

Life is tough for us sometimes and it’s at these points in my life that I just want to bawl my eyes out because I feel like I should be doing more!!!