Last Day

Hey guys, so last week Friday was my last at work. My contract came to an end. They told me to listen out for a call so that’s what I’m doing. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my time home again with my precious son. I also get to spend more time with hubby as he’s sort of home more now seeing that he works shift.

Last week though was a bit of a sad week as one of my co workers died suddenly and it shocked everyone. Yesterday was his funeral and I was supposed to go but couldn’t make it again.

I’m in between to minds though because as much as I’m glad to be back home I also want to make some money….so I’m studying if to get another job until. Hubby thinks I should just relax,lol. Maybe I will!


The Army

After reading one of the books I downloaded to my phone, I just had a need to write this post.

I’ve always told my husband that I think for certain jobs people shouldn’t have families. I say this because for e.g. The Army. Families don’t get to see each other for months on end. Children grow with one parent and I say that because even though the other parent may return…he or she is still missing a whole lot in that child’s life.

Kudos to you guys for being strong because that’s what you are. I for one could NEVER do that. Having that constant fear that my husband may not return home is too overwhelming for me. I need him present in our lives at all times.

Some of the men and women fighting, don’t even know what they’re fighting for anymore and it’s sad! While they’re out there fighting and many dying the spouses are left to pick up the pieces and to me…saying he or she died a hero isn’t enough. That can’t help in raising your kids after. Your child or children would still be deprived of one parent and I personally think it’s not fair.

Monday Morningsss

Good morning my fellow bloggers, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I hope you’re rested and relaxed.

Taking on this new week, let’s hope it’s better than last. Put a smile on your face and hold your head high because this week is gonna be great! Again, thank God for life, health and strength and may we walk in to this new week blessed and highly favored!!!!

6Mth Update

So my prince is 6mths today. My my how the time has flied! Yesterday he got his shots and as usual he was and still is very cranky. Most of today he’s been crying…I think it’s because he’s in pain still. Just now he’ll be 1yr old. I just want to stop the time!!! I miss being home so much. He’s still trying to sit up on his own but can’t as yet. I know he will soon. Til next time….

Flashback Friday

This week is going to be great, due to the fact that my supervisor isn’t coming for 4 days!!!!! Now that’s just awesome lol!

MONDAY– today was rather quiet…I did what little I had to do and was actually able to finish watching some episodes of the last season of Scandal….yipee…..hubby came for me and I left early and we went and got K from school and came home.

TUESDAY– I started back reading today. I hardly had any work to do again. Today was Career Day at K’s school so she wanted to go as a Fire Fighter. After work, I went straight to get her and suprisingly it didn’t have as much traffic as other days so we were home by 3:10pm I believe. Overall it was a good day!

WEDNESDAY– again my day was fairly quiet. I didn’t have anything to do really and was glad for the break. After work it was to go get K and head home.

THURSDAY– same as the day before. Today though was the day before the storm because once my supervisor comes back tomorrow there would be a lot of work to write up. When it was time I left and got hubby from work and we made a few stops then went and got K from school. After, collecting her we went by the Car Wash to give the car a cleaning out and also a wash.

FRIDAY– today wasn’t bad. Coming down to the end of the day though I had lots of writing to do from all the days before. Hubby dropped me today and as he was working this afternoon, came and got me from work and he drive back to work and I came up the road and got K from school and we came home. In a little while I’ll get the kids ready for bed and then get myself ready and go meet hubby from work.

How was everyone’s week? Share with me…..

Flashback Friday

This week’s events are as follows:

MONDAY – a more or less quiet day. K didn’t go to school as she has the flu. Work was alright…nothing much happened lol. As usual I was eager to get home when that time came.

TUESDAY – again K stayed home. I’m monitoring her because she’s mostly sleeping so it really doesn’t make sense to send her to school. Hubby and I went to work together but he went with the car so he came back to meet me from work after. There was an emergency meeting in K’s school so because of the time we went home first and then went down.

WEDNESDAY – K was home again sick. I think she’ll be staying home for the rest if the week. Hubby and I left together to go to work, I dropped him and then went to work. After work I passed for hin and we headed home. Jr had a slight fever last night and after he had his bath I gave him some panadol and then his bottle and he went to sleep.

THURSDAY- well my supervisor was in a meeting in the Head Office whole day so I basically had nothing to do. I started a book when I got to work and completed it before I left. After leaving I went straight home and eventually took a nap before bathing Jr and getting myself ready to go meet hubby from work.

FRIDAY – it’s Friday and I’m super glad about that. Nothing gets me more excited than knowing the end of the week is upon us. Today was a fairly quiet day…started and completed another book while at work. Hubby is working tonight so I’ll be alone. Think I’ll catch up on the last season of Scandal!

Have a great weekend guys!!