Month End Monday

So I’m back and feeling good about it.  Hopefully this week is better than last.

It’s a beautiful day and we can accomplish so much today, so put your best foot forward and just roll with the punches.

Life has been good to me.  I can’t complain 😊.  Father’s Day is coming up and I’m really excited to surprise my hubby with this gift that I’ve been working on, trying to come up with ways for him to not get suspicious, lol.  My pumpkin is slowly but surely getting over the cold even though she sorta gave it to me…. but say what!  And with regards to work, my contract is ending Wednesday so when I come on Thursday I’ll know what’s happening(hopefully) because despite the amount of times I called, I’ve been told they can’t tell me what’s going to happen until the young lady that I’m holding on for comes out.  Hence the reason I’m coming out on Thursday, to see if she shows.  

Honestly, I find it a bit ridiculous because being a parent, your job is very important for the survival of you and your family and even though I can stay home, if I were a single parent what would be my predicament?  Anyway I’m hoping for the best but if it doesn’t work out here, I’ll get something else.

This past weekend was good.  Relaxing but good. Saturday hubby and I had some errands to run so we did that and K went out with my mother in law.  When we got back, hubby and a friend of his did some work in the yard.  Sunday we just chilled.  K did her homework and I washed.  I cooked something new but simple for lunch and we catched up on some of the series we missed out on last week.  Later on in the evening, I started getting ready for this coming week so I gave K a bathe and washed her hair and combed it.  She then ate dinner and hubby ironed a little before bed(by that time i was already dropping asleep,lol).

Anyway have a fantastic and safe week everyone!  Stay blessed!


So I’ve been missing in action for a few days but that’s only because life is a bit hectic for me right now.

I honestly forgot how tiring it is working, being a wife and mother. Lawd!!!!!!!

But I’ll try my best to stay active and give my weekly features.

Anyway enjoy the rest of your week guys!!!!


 Hi my darlings, so today’s HotTopic is about pleasing your husband or for want of a better word, listening.  

Today I wanna talk about dressing to please your husband.  Some women look at this as controlling because they don’t think their husband should tell them what they should and shouldn’t wear.

Now I get that you’re your own woman and everything but we must also remember that we represent our spouses wherever we go.  For me, I don’t really see the big fuss in it.  If you’re married you can’t want to be dressing half naked  and showing off all your goods and most importantly your husband’s goods!  So if he asks you to change I don’t see the issue.

Not everyone will be cool with this, I know, but say what.  

Would you dress to please your husband?  Do you think that he’s controlling if he asks you not to wear something?  What would you do?

Marriage goes both ways.  We have to learn to compromise in order for things to work and the same respect you want from your spouse you have to be able to give back.  Put yourself in your significant other’s shoes.  How would you feel?

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!

To alllll my beautiful mommas here, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!! I hope that this day brings a lot of joy and happiness to you and that you enjoy it to the fullest.

As mothers we do so much for our children, so today is for us!!!  Make sure to treat yourself!


Here we go again…..

Monday – we all stayed home and relaxed as we had a full day on Sunday(from going to Chuck E Cheese’s and spending about 3hrs playing games and eating and then attending my brother in law’s show, to passing by an aunt to get something, then going by KFC, it really was tiring) I just couldn’t make to cook and help K with homework and there were still clothes to iron as well.  I just didn’t have he energy to do all those things so I decided that we all would stay home.  We got up after 7 or 8 and neither my husband nor myself heard our alarms.  When we got up K was still sleeping too.  We all were really exhausted.  Throughout the day though, we prepared for Tuesday.

Tuesday –  started off rainy and I almost contemplated staying home again, lol.  However, I went to work and finished up work that was left for me to complete from Monday and did my work for that day as well.  It was a pretty good day.  

Wednesday – was a pretty smooth day.  The hubby and I are taking turns every night now to ensure K keeps her bedtime to it was my night to see about it.  Slipped in 2 episodes of a series that I haven’t watched in a while, are and finished fed K.

Thursday – work was fine.  Home however, I had to finish wash, fold alllll the clothes from that day and the time before(which was earlier in the week, I so wasn’t feeling to do it that time) because I couldn’t leave it there any longer, it was getting to be a mountain.  Prepared something for lunch, pack away the clothes and after that I took a shower and started watching a show and realized I was dropping asleep so I just turned it off and went to bed.

Friday – was great.  Left work before 2pm and was super excited to go home,lol.  Had some rain on the way but other than that I couldn’t wait for the weekend.

Daily Post:Maze

Sometimes I feel like I’m going through a maze in my life.  I don’t know which way is left, right, up or down.  I feel so confused.  When I think I’m going right, everything goes haywire!  I feel like I’m waiting to explode at times.

Why?  Why does this happen?  Is it just me or is it everyone?  Clearly my life is a puzzle and I’m simply trying to put the pieces together, if only it’d stay how I want it too…..


So my question to you guys.  Do you think there should be a band on how many children someone can have?

You see, China instituted a policy of 1 child per couple to control population growth in the 1970’s  and that was in effect for about 3 decades.  Apparently now they’re considering changing it to 2 children per couple.  Their population is about 1.3 billion people, hell that’s ALOT!

My question however, comes about for more than one reason.  While some may say that it’s wrong to tell someone how many children they can and can’t have, you have to think about it.  Would it be fair to a child whose parents are unable to provide for him/her to continue making more babies?  They aren’t using protection and knowing their predicament, won’t you say they’re being selfish as they aren’t thinking about the repercussions of their actions?  The effects it can have on the child in future?

Honestly, I think if a couple is able, they can have how much ever kids they want.  Once they can provide a safe and nurturing environment for them and won’t be depending on the government to assist in minding them.  On the other hand, if a couple knows that they aren’t capable of taking caring of kids but already have one, just stop there.  Do your best to ensure that one child has everything he/she needs.  Don’t go having more babies and you know very well that you live in poverty and later on may complain that you need help raising your children and you’re poor etc….because you know this was gonna be a problem in the beginning!

Actions have consequences!  The sad part is it’s the kids that’s gonna suffer not the parents.  Stop studying to feel good when the day or night come(as it doesn’t matter for some) and study what the outcome may be from having unprotected sex.  Come on people, let’s think more with our head and less with what’s between our legs!!

Looking forward to hearing you guys’ thoughts in the comments…….