Hello there everybody!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful, rested weekend!

Going into this weekend I want you all to remember how great you are! Don’t let life’s challenges keep you down. Be thankful for life, health and strength as many don’t have that privilege.

Aim higher. Work hard to accomplish your goals and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you can do anything you set your mind too!!!

May your week be filled with peace and happiness. Stay safe!!!


Looking For Advice….

Hey guys, so today I’m here to ask for some advice from you momma’s.

K started her new school last week Monday and when I went to collect her the first thing the teacher told me was that she gave her trouble with talking in class. She was dealt with at home that said afternoon and on Tuesday the teacher didn’t have a problem. Wednesday came and when I picked her up that afternoon, I was again informed of her talking in class. She was dealt with later that afternoon too. Thursday, the teacher said she still spoke but not as much.

My question to you all is this……. Can anyone suggest different ways in which I can punish her for not listening or just overall tips in dealing with the situation??

First Day of “Big School”

So the day is finally here!! Our babygirl is officially in Primary School. We dropped her off this morning and as expected, she barely had time with us as she was more concerned about talking to the little girl seated behind her, lol. That’s our daughter for you!!!😂😂

She never ceases to amaze us at how incredibly brave she is. Even in Pre School she didn’t cry. She just went on ahead.

Daddy and I on the other hand, whew!! We are still extremely nervous because there’s so much more children around her now and a whole new environment. The last thing I want is for something to happen to her. Anyway I won’t think bad thoughts!

I can’t wait to get her this afternoon and hear how her first day was!!!


It’s a beautiful Monday morning and I want to wish you all a safe and blessed day!

I hope you guys’ weekend was restful.

Today as we enter into a brand new week, focus on all the things you can accomplish that you didn’t get to last week. Try to be better.

It’s almost time for school to reopen if it hasn’t already for some, so enjoy the remaining days with your babies because before you know it they’ll be grown men and women, lol.

Anyway…..Breathe, Focus, Smile, Stay Blessed and Safe!!!😊

3Year Anniversary!

I didn’t even know until just now but today marks 3years since I first joined WordPress. I didn’t even realise so much time passed already.

Of lately I haven’t posted as much and that’s because I don’t know what to write about. I’m working on coming up with some new content and once I do I start posting again regularly.

I would like to say thank you to all of you who follow me thus far. It truly means alot to me!

Beach Day

Today I stayed home and we went to the beach. Seeing that we’re in rainy season, as expected, rain fell on and off. We still took a dip though, lol. Even babyboy came in after a while too, then I gave him back to my MIL and they stayed in the car until I carried K up to dry off and stay with them a bit as she was cold and hubby wanted a few minutes for just us.

I must say, although I don’t care for rain and the beach in one day. It was still well spent. As I’m writing this he’s bathing the kids. Soon they’ll both get something to eat and later on go in their respective beds.

Hope you all had a great weekend and day!


So I’m about half way through my Administrative Assistant course. Soon I’ll have to start studying for my exams because I refuse to fail!

I can’t say that’s it’s been tough parenting, studying and being a wife because it’s not like I spend the studying at all right now. I mostly remember everything that I’ve done thus far and I’m sure it won’t take that long for me to recap in the few upcoming weeks. I actually look forward to it because I really do kiss sleeping in a bit on my Saturday, lol.

Nevertheless, there’s something else(another course) that I have my eyes on and I’ve been calling for the past 2 months and have to call again at the end of this month. Once all goes well, I intend to set sail on my new adventure because there’s no time for sticking this year. My aim is for my family to reach new heights, make headway in the years to come. I’m tired being stagnant and I’m ready for a change!

Until next time……enjoy the rest of your weekend loves!!!ðŸĪŠðŸĪŠ