Don’t Treat Your Babygirls Like Women

So my thing is, you have a daughter, that’s wonderful but let her enjoy her young days for they will be soon over. You can have a relationship with her and and still make sure she knows that she’s a child.

I don’t get why some mothers allow their teenage daughters, most of them between the ages of 13-17, to dress like big women. Extremely short dresses,skirts, pants,tops  and even revealing clothes are unacceptable for them at this age. Then, when they start attracting certain types of MEN or indulging in certain behavior, you vex!!?? Noo! 

Yes, there are some perverts out here but don’t allow your daughters to be their target. Teach them to have respect for themselves, they don’t have to be half naked to be beautiful or feel good about themselves. And if the only attention they’re receiving by dressing this way is negative, pssh…then forget it!
We as mothers need to set an example for our girls to follow! Show them the right way! The time would come when they are adults and if they choose to dress provocative, then so be it. You can still say something as their parent though they may not listen. But now! Now they’re under your roof and what mama says goes!!!


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