Just My Opinion

Some may think that I’m silly for saying this but I honestly think newlyweds and new parents need their space. Space to grow their family if need be, to be able to get used to the married life without interference from in laws etc.

I know it’s a relief for some new mothers while living with either their mother or mother-in-law because of the help offered with the newborn. But me… I kinda prefer to learn on my own, not because Im stubborn or don’t like to take advice but because not because you do something a particular way means that I have too also, and that, I think bothers some older heads.

I like the thought of learning as I go. Experiencing things with my daughter first hand! And I want to be able to walk around my house freely, not worrying about anybody coming home early other than my husband lol. 

I like my freedom and if you wanna hate for me for that, then so be it!


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