Wish They Knew

If only our husbands knew how much we actually do to keep the family together!

There are the few homes that you’d see the husband very active in, might even be more active than the wife BUT I’d assume that the vast majority, the wives do most of the work with little to no help at all.

I think that should change! Yes we are wives and mothers but I still think everything should be equal! Not because you’re  the wife means you HAVE to cook, clean, wash etc. and not because you’re the husband means you HAVE to be the breadwinner either. To me, those roles are interchangeable! 

It’d even be better when both husband and wife work together because at the end of the day, it’s no competition but about teamwork. Besides, doing things together are fun and helps to develop the bond that you share. 

Many of us are tired and need a little rest. We should be able to get that without even asking for it! We deserve so much! We do so much! It should be recognized in some way!


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