Blood Isn’t Always Thicker Than Water


Family is very important to me, however, my family on both my mum and dad’s side aren’t very close.

On my mum’s side I have two aunts, one of which I don’t speak to anymore and trust me, I have my reasons. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me and trust and believe there definitely isn’t going to be a third time!!! But anyway on mummy’s side besides my two aunts, some of the cousins don’t speak either and so on and so forth 😔.

On dad’s side, there are a lot of brothers and sisters on both his mum and dad’s side as he is the only child for my grandma and grandpa. Yet still no unity. There’s always bickering and biting, and for what?! Petty shit! I find it so irritating that it’s so hard for a family to get along! Like jeez it’s not supposed to be that hard!

Then there’s me, I have two sisters on my dad’s side and though I love them very much(not saying they don’t love me too) I feel like they and other members of my family,including my parents,have a way about them that if you don’t do as they say and something happens, they distance themselves from you. I personally think that’s wrong because you’re supposed to be there through thick or think, even when no one else is!

I don’t have much friends but I can say this! There’s this one girl I’ve known most of my life and though she hasn’t lived here in years because she’s away, she’s always been a sister to me more than my own! We talk more than I speak to them, she asks how we’re going etc. Not forgetting, when they need something they don’t hesitate to call or msg me though for my help!😏

Other than that, I feel as though if I don’t call to see how they’re going, they won’t msg to see how I’m doing! So I’ve decided to focus more on my husband and daughter and not let them or anyone else dictate my pace because at the end of the day, my husband and daughter will always be here for me and love me and I kno for a fact my husband has my back against anyone!!



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