Not In A Hurry

As the new term began yesterday and everyone was eager to send their kids to school, my munchkin was right here with me. See, while I know she’ll be fine whenever we decide to send her, my husband on the other hand isn’t so happy about his”babygirl” going out to school yet,lol.

He really just wants to make sure that she’ll be able to handle herself, and seeing that we’re still potty training her, he prefers that she goes when she can fully use the bathroom on her own. So instead, we’re sending her from January, which isn’t that far anyway.

I’m excited, yet scared because my little princess is growing up sooo fast, a little too fast for us! I also know, that even though she’ll be entering in the second term, that she’ll pick up fast because while viewing the school I realisd that she already knew the material they were gonna teach in the class that she’ll be going into in Jan! I’m proud because that means I’m doing a great job!!

So until then, we’ll enjoy our time together because when she goes out to school, I’ll be going back out to work! It was a great 2years and if I had to do it again, man I’d do it the same way! I wouldn’t change a thing. Despite our little obstacles God had brought us through it together and for that, I’m truly grateful!


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