For the mums, wives, daughters and sisters, NO! We don’t get sick leaves or half days, we’re always on the go!

Even when it’s “our day”, Mother’s Day, most of us don’t get to fully enjoy it because if your children don’t come and nag you for something, your husband surely  will, LOL!

We are the nurse to everyone and then to ourselves, and if we get sick, we take some medication and keep going, unlike the kids and husbands,they’ll probably go sleep. We make sure the cupboards are stocked, the dishes are washed, the laundry is clean, the beds are made! We do absolutely EVERYTHING!!! 

Til the day we die, we’ll always be someone’s daughter, mother, wife and daughter in law! If you have a good mother in law, be grateful, not every woman does! 

We’re always on call, 24Hrs a day, there’s no rest for us! We are the glue that holds everything together in our household and marriage. Without us, there’d be utter chaos!! Kids won’t be able to find anything and neither will your husband, lmao!

They NEED us more than anything in the world! So even though you may be tired, still love them because it just goes to show how important you are to your family!


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