An Extra Baby

Soooo as soon as you get married and have a kid/kids, it’s not just those kids alone that you have, count in an extra one.

Take for instance, I have my beautiful daughter, Keke….. And a son, my husband, lol! These men of ours act like our babies at times!!! Apparently we are the only ones fussing over order while they join in with the kids to contribute to making us talk!

Most children think their mommas are boring, especially the girls because you know they love their daddy so! But daddy, ohhhh daddy’s fun cuz he wild plays with them and we don’t, we’re to scared thinking somebody might suffer a broken bone lmao.

Don’t talk about when they’re sick, lawdddd have mercy!!!!! It’s like they’re giving birth because you know how they act when they get a headache😏 or even the cold! Hmm…..smh…’d be surprised how quiet they become, they can’t move and now, more than ever you have NO HELP! It’s him and the kids that you have to see about lol!

 These are my two kids here and boyyyy do I love them soo!!!!!!β€οΈπŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§


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