I Feel Like Crying

They’re called the TERRIBLE TWOS for a reason right??!! Now even though I know this, my precious child always presses my buttons, so much that I feel like crying!

The amazing thing is, she hardly ever gives her father such a hard time, it’s more me!!!!! Why me??!!😭😭 Despite how much I speak to her I always end up spanking her or yelling at her because it’s like she doesn’t even hear me when I’m repeatedly speaking softly to her.

I don’t understand and sometimes it causes me to question myself as her mum. I mean, am I doing it right?! Why won’t she just listen to me?! These are the questions I ask myself. And catch this, when either her dad or I are correcting, as soon as we’re done speaking to her she runs outside crying to her grandmother. You’d think we were killing her and then her grandmother opens up her mouth to talk about what she assumes happens!

That I can’t take, you are just grandmother, don’t get in between my husband and I correcting OUR child! I have a BIG problem with that!! That’s why I think it’s best for us to be on our own. You know, spread our wings and allow our family to grow and possibly expand.

Hopefully in time my little princess sees how much I love her and that all I want is for her to grow into a wonderful young lady and that every single thing I did for her was to ensure she becomes better than me!!!


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