Follow Your Gut

Even though you’re a new mum, doesn’t mean you’re oblivious to raising your baby! Your mum, mother-in-law, grandmother and aunts who’ve had children before would think that they know everything and you know nothing…. Because you’re a “new mum”. 

The fact of the matter is, it’s your child and as a mother you and ONLY you, would know what’s best for your baby! Whatever you and your child’s father decide to do concerning this baby is between you guys.

I don’t know why older folks get upset when new parents don’t listen to everything they tell us to do. At the end of the day, everyone does things differently and not because they raised their children a particular way means that we in turn have to raise our kids the same way.

Times change and not everything that was done back in the day was the right thing! Don’t be mad if they don’t agree with what you choose to do with your kid. You can’t please everyone and people will talk no matter what! 


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