Our Story

Life has its ups and downs, but you know what… We have to cherish every single moment! 

In a couple months time, our precious babygirl will be heading off to school so I’m already starting to get her stuff in order. Then, I’ll also be heading back out to work once she settles in ok.

In a marriage, things won’t always be a bed of roses but you have to always remember, it’s TIL DEATH DO US PART! So don’t go diverting off the trail because you hit a few speed bumps… No! Deal with it head on and overcome those obstacles together!

I think it’s only fair that I spoil my husband just as much as he spoils me.. Lol. Besides I love seeing the smile on his face when I get him something new or something that’s he’s just always wanted. Once he and Keke are happy, bet your ass I’m happy too!

I can’t wait for the future vacations and new adventures we embark on as a family. I’m sure it’s gonna be a blast. I look forward to only great things for our family!

Live, Love, Laugh


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