Why?! Why do adoption agencies get to tell me what type of parent I am and whether or not I can mother one of those precious children!

Don’t worry God sees all things and trust and believe that he’ll make it happen. Don’t give up hope! It may be a trying time constantly being told “you didn’t get through” but there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

It may be heart wrenching to know that all you want to do is love that child like if it he/she came from you and you can’t get to do so…. But again just wait, your time will come. I’m certain of it!

To all the fellow mothers waiting for that day… The day when they finally get to hold that beautiful gift and just love him/her unconditionally, it’s soon approaching!!


6 thoughts on “Adoption

  1. The reason the adoption agencies get to tell you what type of parent they think you are going to be ks because they are trying to screen for the impossible. They are trying to screen for the adoptive parents like mine that could easily charm and fool the system yet have a malignant form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and have left such horrific emotional and psychological scars on me that at 38 I am still trying to recover from. And I am sadly one of the more functional ones who have ended up with adoptive parents of that nature. It is only because of my strength and resilience as a person that I am even able to self heal to the degree that I have and be able to physically function in life, even though I am locked inside a tortured head every minute of every day trying to deal with the fragments of my self esteem, paranoia, depression and anxiety that my adoptive parents got a pretty little check mark by their names as being a perfectly suitable home all because they had money, kept it clean and know how to turn on the charm when people are around. It was always behind closed doors when no one was around that the mental torture happened. So they really are trying to protect us children who get a bum deal in all of this because WE truly have no say in this when were adopted as infants and are stripped of our genetic background and where we come from and the tummy we spent 9 months in. And you’d be surprised how traumatic that can be for an infant. So as difficult as it may seem for you to wait, I am going on my 39th year of daily mental torture because the adoption agency assigned to my parents didn’t see through their charming outwardly appearance. Please have patience and if you are a loving parent who will do right by an adopted child, I wish you all the best and I hope that things work out for you. But please try to understand from the flip side….


      1. Thank you. I wasn’t sharing in order to look for sympathy. Just to help awareness because often people only hear one side of the story, the rescuing of a child story that makes every adoptive parent seem like a hero and that isn’t always the case. Thank you so so much for being open to my point of view. That alone speaks volumes!!!! Best of luck to you!!!

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