Broken Family

Why is it that some women find it okay to break up another woman’s home?  You know what you went through to get to where you are now and she just comes and causes chaos!!

Firstly, I think it’s very disrespectful! I mean have a little compassion for the children and for the man’s wife, after all you both are women! The strange thing is, we are supposed to be their for each other and instead, we just bring down one another!

Don’t think that divorces don’t affect children because they do!! More than you even know. If it is you weren’t ready for marriage and children, then you probably should’ve thought about that before getting into it and then breaking every one’s heart(wife and children).

Another thing, if while married you think your marriage is falling apart, seek counseling or any other option. If it doesn’t work then maybe you can call it quits but just remember it is til death do you part so be mindful!

Communication is key. So always remember no matter what to speak openly with your spouse! Love them and your children because they are who you live for now!


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