Now you know people will always have things to say. Whether you’re doing it right or wrong, they still speak! Soo ANNOYING!!!!!!!!

K is 2 yrs and 7mths. Ever since she was 2 or a little before, I started putting her in her bed at night so she’ll get accustomed to dropping asleep in her own bed. Some may say I was wrong but I didn’t care because I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

We live with my mother in law, and you know older folks ALWAYS have something to say! So she had a problem with it, because she didn’t understand why she needed a bedtime etc. at such an early age.

I still did it and even though she cried, I left her in the crib. Now our bed is right next to hers so it’s not to say she was in a another room and I left her crying her eyes out by herself! No…. we were right there. Now she’s a daddy’s girl, lol, so sometimes he’d take her out and let her drop asleep and he’d put her in after or whatever and sometimes he’d leave her an just talk to her from on the bed because when she stands up she’s watching directly at us.

The reason for me doing that is because I didn’t want when it was time for her to start school she had a hard time going to sleep on her own. I wanted her to know that night time is for sleep and that at a particular time she needed to go her bed.

As it is, we’re sending her to school from January and now after she takes a shower, eats something and says her prayers and I say time to go in your bed, she’s gives her  dad a kiss and I put her in the crib. Even know she may not fall asleep right away, it’s very rare now that she cries. She either talks to us, plays with her teddy bears or simply just lie’s down and go to sleep. She even says “I sleeping in my bed”.

I feel so proud!! So I just wanna say to all young mums that may be living with parents or in laws, stand up for what you believe in! Not because you’re young means you can’t do things your way. It’s not always their way! We all do things differently and not because they have a problem with it means we have to change what we’re doing. At the end of the day it’s YOUR CHILD!


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