Believe In Yourself

So K is our first and only child so far(looking forward to having more in the future). After I had her, I was home for the 3 mths then I went back out to work and my mother in law took vacation so she watched her for about 2mths after which I was back home again. 

Reasons being: 

  1. I was afraid that something could happen to her in a daycare with all the madness going on
  2. I wanted to witness every single thing she did for myself as it is my first child

Besides those 2, her dad felt more at ease knowing that she was with me and still does(lord alone knows how he’ll be when she goes to school,lol). Despite people saying I could’ve just taken 1yr no pay leave and go back, I did what I thought was best for our babygirl and to this day I never regretted that decision.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a roller coaster. We’ve had our ups and downs and now more than ever that’s she gaining her own independence, she thinks she’s her own woman! Boy does she love to press my buttons!!!!! But I got to see her walk and talk and everything else and if I had to do it again I would leave again in a heartbeat!

I taught her what I think she needs to know and little did I know I was doing a great job. When we went to visit the school she’ll be attending the other day, the teacher was telling us about the different classes and I realised she knew more than enough because if we had sent her in September, she would’ve been ahead of her class.

With that being said, when she starts she’ll be going straight into the 3yr old class where she needs to be and even then, I know she’ll be on top of her game. She can count from 1-15, knows her ABC( I mean she still has some problems with certain letters but she knows it more or less), knows her fruits and vegetables, knows her name, her parents name, where she lives(the general area), how old she is, and the parts of her body…. that’s all I can remember for now lol….but I am so proud of myself and her in how much we’ve accomplished!!

Believe in yourself and you’d see great things!


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