Another One

So a while a back, I wrote a post about children committing suicide. This post today is about parents committing suicide. It was inspired by a news article.

As adults and more so parents, we have a lot on our plates. It can range from small to huge problems. However, now more than ever, you have to remember that you have a purpose! You do have a reason to live and that’s for the sake of your children! 

No child deserves to be mother/fatherless!! They didn’t ask us to come here and so it’s our DUTY to make sure we do all that we can to provide, comfort, protect them and so much more.  Don’t take the easy way out because of your struggles!

We need to be our neighbour’s keeper. If you know someone who’s struggling, whether be with mental illness, depression, whatever it is…. lend a helping hand! Be a listening ear in their time of need. Be supportive, get them help!

Be brave!! Face your challenges head on and never back down. Don’t let it consume you and make you feel that the only option is taking your own life. It’s hard for children with parents in this cruel world that we live in, far less for those without. Think about what your child/children will go through when the entire school knows that you committed suicide! For some it might be worse than others.

You’re here for a reason. Fight for your children, your spouse and most importantly YOURSELF!!! Fight to regain control of YOUR LIFE and don’t let the devil win! Because make no mistake, it’s him trying to mess with your head and you can’t allow him to win… EVER!

Be happy! Love unconditionally! Pray without ceasing! Forgive one another! Just try to be the best you and do what you can with the cards that have been dealt to you. SUICIDE IS NOT THE WAY OUT!

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