Marriage vs Children

In all marriages you need to be able to divide your time equally! Now, I’m not saying to deny your husband/wife their time nor am I saying to deny your child/children their time. What I am saying however, is to prioritize!!

You cannot expect your marriage to work if you ignore your significant other’s wants and needs and only attend to your kids. You also cannot expect your children to know you far less want to be around you, if all you do is spend time with your spouse.

Show you child/children what a loving family looks like. Show them how husband and wife are supposed to treat each other so that they’ll have no problem knowing what to look for in the future. Spend time with them! Get to know your child/children, tell them how much you love them! Play with them!

Let your spouse know that they’re not invisible and that you see him/her. Take him/her out, spoil them! Tell them you appreciate everything that he/she does for the family and that you couldn’t do it without him/her! You both need time to also rekindle that fire and make sure that it never burns out. Try new things together.

Now dont make it a habit to leave your responsibility with your parents, babysitters etc all the time. NO!! Those kids are yours so do your part and raise them to the best of your ability!


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