HotTopic: Married Couples & Friends With The Opposite Sex

So things can get a bit iffy when it comes to this topic. Some may agree and some may not.

First off, when you get married your husband/wife becomes your best friend if they’re not already,lol. Yes, you may have  had friends of the opposite sex before you and your significant other met and it’s a possibility that throughout your life you will meet other men/women as well. Whether be at work or church or a charity event, however, you need to have boundaries!

Certain things will definitely NOT be acceptable and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The same things you won’t like your spouse indulging in, you have to remember to not do too! Make sure there’s respect!! Because to me, if they don’t respect your relationship nothing good is going to coming out of that friendship in future.

Make sure that he/she meets your spouse so that it’s not a secret. If your friend and spouse are cool, then great! Hopefully there won’t be any hiccups. 

I would like to know what you guys think about this. Your views and when you think the line should be drawn. If your spouse’s friend likes them, would you still be ok with them talking etc or would that pose a problem? If it’s an ex and they remained friends,  would you consider it a threat to your marriage? Drop your answers in the comments! Looking forward to it!


6 thoughts on “HotTopic: Married Couples & Friends With The Opposite Sex

  1. I believe that the friendships you had prior to marriage are important. You shouldn’t cut people out of your life if your spouse is insecure. You shouldn’t marry insecure people. If you have friendships of the opposite sex then definitely it should be friendships that everyone is aware about. Inappropriate friendships are not real friendships. Those are failed relationships that need to end if they are going to affect the sanctity of your marriage.


    1. Totally agree but what if your spouse doesn’t like one of your friends. Should you end the relationship for the sake of your spouse? If it were the other way around would you want your significant other to do the same for you?

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      1. If your spouse didn’t like the friend prior to marriage and you chose to marry your spouse then you are essentially stuck between a rock and a hard place and should decide what you want to do. Would I? No. I’ve been married before and I won’t ever marry someone who is insecure about our relationships and I won’t allow anyone including friends or family to violate through words or actions my wedding vows. They would be cut. I would be okay with my husband’s friends because if I loved him then I said to the world that I trusted him. I need to stay in that healthy lane and trust that he would never allow anyone to ever threaten our relationship.


      2. You’re welcome. I’ve been married and divorced and I have some of the best male friends imaginable. Some are married and some are single, but I would never keep a friend that would disrespect my union. Thank you for asking the question.


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