My Experience 

Not everyone can say they had a good experience when they had their baby, but I can!

I am a first time mum so for me the delivery part was a bit overwhelming to imagine even up until the end. Throughout the pregnancy though, I had it rough from the start. Before we found out we were having our little gem, I was sick. I actually thought it was food poisoning because at the time I was attending job training and other people got sick too so I automatically thought that.

I didn’t complete it because of how sick I was and I ruled out being pregnant because the tests I took all said negative or at least I thought so,lol and I had an irregular period. So to me, missing a month wasn’t anything new. When I went to the doctor and found out I was already 8wks pregnant I was shocked.

Not that I didn’t want to have children but just not this early. I wanted to finish studying and have a permanent job etc. but regardless of those goals not being completed as yet, we went through with it. For almost the entire pregnancy I was vomiting, whether I was home or not. So imagine me having to run out of maxis when the “feeling” hit me!! BUT I was never alone! My husband, well at that time boyfriend was always at my side. I even had to miss 2 final exams as I was doing my Business Management Course while I got pregnant.

I was in hospital for a week with a lung infection they said and hated it with a passion. I longed to be in my bed again. When I came out I went back in once again and spent the night because I was having contractions but the doctor said I was 1cm dilated so she sent me on my way. The next time I was in, was IT! I stayed the night and around midnight I called for my boyfriend to come down to the hospital because he wanted to be in the room with me.

I was so happy and thankful that the man I was having a baby for, even though he was young too, wanted to share in this experience with me because not all young men or even the old ones go through it with their “baby mommas”. He held my hand through it all even though I puked on his shoe, lol. He was there! I couldn’t be more grateful! From then to now he has been my rock and I couldn’t be happier!!

He’s a great father and wonderful husband and I hope that in time to come we’ll always remain a blessed family because in this chaotic world we live in presently, families with both the mother and father around, don’t exist.


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