Breast vs Formula

Yessss I know, breast is best! But do you ever stop to consider that it isn’t as easy for some as it is for others.

Take me for example, all I ever wanted to do was have that bond while breastfeeding my princess but that didn’t work out too well 😔 for either of us. From since in the hospital I was having a hard time with my milk supply and I don’t know if it’s because they didn’t give her to me right after she was born. Nevertheless it was a stressful journey!

I had my pump and everything but it would take me more than half and hour just to pump 2-3ounces of milk in one of her small 4ounce 🍼 bottles. It was incredibly hard for me. Sometimes I used to be in pain but I still gave it my best shot! I drank vervine which is what I believe old people tell you to drink to help the milk come more but that didn’t work. I tried my best to stay as calm as possible but that didn’t work either! Nothing seemed to work!

My mother in law thought I should give her formula but I didn’t want to. To me K was never really satisfied because she and I also had problems with her latching on even though I went to a lady that deals with helping mothers breast feed. When we went back to the doctor she said it seems like we’ll have to give her the formula as she’s losing weight. Don’t feel anyhow because you tried but it’s about her putting back in the weight now and making sure that the milk is sufficient and if I want I can still put her on the breast.

Well 2yrs 8mths later and she’s as healthy as can be still!!!! Growing wonderfully and I couldn’t be more happy 😊. It was a tough road to travel but we made it. A lot of times I was brought to tears because I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t produce as much milk as other mums did. She was on formula til she was probably a yr or so and we stopped as she’s eating normal food now.

Hopefully, when my husband and I are ready to try for the other baby, I won’t have this problem again. I really hope that next time around I can experience what it’s like to breastfeed exclusively at least until that baby is 1 or 2yrs old. So for all the other mums out there who can’t breastfeed IT’S GONNA BE OK! And for the ones that don’t have a problem breastfeeding, don’t be so hard on us because it isn’t our fault and you have no idea how it feels to not be able to do something so important as nursing your baby. 


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