HotTopic: Sex and Marriage

How important do you think sex is for a married couple? Do you think they both should try new things? How often would you say married couples should have sex? Should oral sex be an option?

Everyone has a different opinion otconcerning this topic. Some people have a low libido so even though they’re with the one they love, they just simply don’t have that much interest in sex. 

However, yesss!!!! Sex is crucial to a marriage, I mean that’s why God created it for married people. So that they can share true intimacy with one another and connect on another level. In order to keep the sparks flying just like when you guys first met, both people have to be open to trying new things otherwise it’ll get boring doing the same old stuff day in and day out.

Some might say married couples should have sex more than twice for the day, everyday of the week, every other day etc. It all depends on the couple I guess or the individual because one may want it and the other doesn’t. Don’t be selfish, remember it’s not about you alone anymore but the both of you. Compromise. In terms of oral sex…..hmmmm…. that definitely depends on the couple because not every one is into that.

Anyway, once you’re married you need to do things to make one another happy in every aspect. Be faithful, have trust, be respectful and most importantly love and forgive each other. No one is perfect!! But don’t ever make the mistake to break those vows by committing adultery. It’s better to talk to a marriage counselor and sought your problems out rather than going behind your spouse’s back. If the reason is because of the sex then you guys need to work on that together and come up with a solution before going to have sex with someone outside of your marriage.

For couples with kids, sometimes it’s extremely hard to find the time to have sex because of your hectic days BUT it is necessary to try your best and fit it in there LOL! You may not have the luxury you once did before when it was just the both of you and you could’ve had sex whenever and wherever you wanted but I’m sure you can think of other places except the house😉(like a hotel while on your lunch break) lol. 

Anyway as usual I would love to hear other couples opinion so drop them in the comments.


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