Does It Matter?

So it dawned on me….. which is better, to have children close together or further apart, in age that is. Personally, I always wanted to start having my children at a young age (21/22) so that when I’m going into my thirties I’ll be probably on the last one. That’s when hubby wanted five tho, lmao!!! So I said ok no probs, I’d wait 2-3yrs before having the other baby so that by the time I’m 29-33yrs old, I’ll be finishing up.

Well he’s had a change of heart now,lol.  We already have one princess and are prepared to have another baby when she’s 5 or so and after that…wrap up. As usual, everyone has a difference in opinion when it comes to this because some people think it’s better to keep the children close in age, where others believe it’s best to have like a 5-10yr gap in between. I think once you have stability(financially and family life) you’re good to go.

What works for you might not work for someone else and vice versa but you’ll know what’s best for your family when the time is right. 

Good luck to all those mummies out there  giving birth for the first time or the veterans. I hope you have a great pregnancy and safe delivery!!! All for the rest who are content with the babies we have at the moment, lol, give them lots of love upsss❤️❤️❤️🤗


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