HotTopic: Sex At An Early Age

So how would you treat with your son or daughter if you found out he/she was having sex at an early age. At an early age I mean 13-15. Now, society says it’s ok for the boys but not the girls!! I say this, honestly even though I’m a young mum I still think that sex shouldn’t be on the agenda, especially at such a young age.

There are so many other things to study at this age besides sex. I think children should enjoy being young and not rush into things that are out of their league. There are so may responsibilities that come with having sex, why burden yourself with it at such a delicate time in your life.

I’m not saying that parents shouldn’t talk to their children about sex but I just don’t think the children should engage in it so early. Let your child/children enjoy their youth because when that time goes you can never go back. Even big people at times wish they can go back to being a child for a lot of different reasons.

P.S. Hope I didn’t mash any toes because I’m not against young parents at all.


2 thoughts on “HotTopic: Sex At An Early Age”

  1. I would encourage them to wait. I had sex at an early age and I am teaching my son that his body is a temple in which he should honor God at all times and to wait and save himself. However, if he did, I would still love and encourage his abstaining from doing it again.

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