The Reason Why!

Boi do I HATE living with people. Because you always have to be walking on eggshells. Not being allowed to do and say what you really want. 

Now I am very cautious with who I let my daughter stay with. My husband and I are very funny people and if someone can’t follow our instructions, there may be some problems….(are we the only ones?🤔). 

Anywho, my mother-in-law sometimes wants to insert herself into situations that she really doesn’t belong in. For instance, if the hubby and I fall out, she always has to ask what’s wrong. So if she asks him and he doesn’t answer, she’ll wait til she sees me and ask “Alyuh vex?. What alyuh vex for?” Now I keep to myself and I don’t like a lot of people in my business, so she constantly asking me that is frankly upsetting! Besides, I prefer us work it out together without anyone intervening .

Let me not forget, she’s a good mother-in-law, loves to help etc but I just feel like things will work much better if we don’t live together..yuh kno…I’ll have my space and she’ll have hers. We do things differently and one thing I don’t like is people commenting on how I do things especially with my child, unless of course I ask for advice and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I could be wrong but I think that when there’s extended family in the house, there’s more conflict(grandparents, aunts, uncles etc) because someone always has something to say. That’s the reason why I love being on my own and can’t wait to move!


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