My baby is growing up wayyyyy too damn fast!! I’ve been potty training her for a little time now and she’s got it! She’s a big girl now!

I always try for her to be independent but I’m terrified very soon she won’t need me anymore and it scares me to an extent. She can wash her hands on her own and today when I was gonna wipe when she peed the second or third time she said “I want to wipe”. I was extremely proud of her but also realized that she’s not a baby anymore and that she’s getting to be a big girl. 

To us parents, our children will always be our babies no matter how old they get but we can’t always treat them as babies. I know for a fact that when she goes to school she’ll be just fine. The time that we spent together will soon come to an end because we’ll no longer be spending the entire day together but just mere hours now before we depart to work and school again.

Oh how the time flew by so quickly. It’s really a bittersweet moment but I can’t wait to see her socialize with other children and make new friends and come home and talk about her day.


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