It Hurts To Move On

That feeling you get deep inside knowing that the people you actually care about and treat like family turn their backs on you! First it was the ex-best friend of more than 7yrs that just walked away without even giving me the opportunity to get some closure of what was really going on. To make matters worse, I asked this individual to be my daughter’s god mother. She doesn’t even call or msg to find out how she’s doing, if she needs or wants of anything… NADA! But I made sure to update her on everything that was going on with my babygirl. Up until when I called her in the grocery and she watched me as if I were a complete stranger…. after that I was done. No more trying and wasting my time and energy on someone that no longer deserves it but who had the audacity to ask for pics of Keke. Wdh did you want pictures for and you aren’t rising to the occasion?!

After getting over that, there’s the other friend of about 5yrs +, the one that’s just there… doing God alone knows what. To me being a good/great friend is letting that other friend know when he/she is doing shit because you care and you know they are so much better  than that. However, as my mother used to say ” Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” It’s a true saying because all her other friends are in cahoots with the nonsense that she’s doing, not bothering to say, you’re ruining your life! Respect yourself more! Why? Well because they’re doing it too. Apparently I’m more interested in her goals than she is in mines and to top it off…. I ALSO ASKED THIS INDIVIDUAL TO BE MY CHILD’S GOD MOTHER!!! Like seriously, I started to doubt myself and my decision making because I mean that’s twice I probably picked the wrong people. I also HATE favoritism and so the fact that my child was her first god child and now a friend that she stopped talking to but started back recently had a baby and asked her to be god mother and she recognizes that child more than my own sorta makes me wonder. There was this time I told her we’d come check her but as she had the cold, I said lemme kno when it’s gone… well I’m still waiting and if I don’t msg first to see how she’s doing or tell her about K, she won’t do it first. So I’ve come to the realization maybe it’s time to move on because she has nothing to offer my daughter nor me and I don’t intend to be dragging anyone along.

I won’t lie though, they were both good journeys that I’ll always remember but I also know that not everyone that comes into my life is here to stay and so with that being said, let’s get ready to let go and let God!


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