Say No to Child Abuse

As parents we need to be mindful of  WHO our child(ren) are around. WHERE they are going. HOW they are going and coming back. WHAT they are doing. WHY they are doing it in the first place. Always pay attention to the things that you child(ren) do and ask questions. Not all children are forthcoming with information, so you have to make it your business to ask.

I CANNOT understand, why someone would want to hurt a child in the first place. They are extremely precious and a gift to us parents! We need to do something about it! Be your sister’s keeper!

The world is becoming more and more terrifying to live in. There’s so much havoc! We can no longer live in peace and it’s becoming very hard to trust people nowadays especially since your enemy can be the person closest to you. I watched a movie yesterday “The Lovely Bones”. It was the girl’s neighbor that kidnapped and killed her and nobody even realized that he was looking at her. People, we need to wake up!!!! WAKE UP!!!! 

Be careful when sending your child to the grocery by him/herself. Make sure and observe the change in behavioral patterns. Try your best to drop and pick up your kids to and from school. If you can’t, at least try and stay in contact with them until they arrive at their intended destination. Stay informed. For those of us who aren’t with our child(ren’s) fathers, make sure that if they’re seeing someone, you both observe the person around your child(ren). Don’t trust too easily because things are happening right beneath our noses and we are seeing it!

P. S. If you haven’t seen the movie I mentioned, take a look at it. 


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