I’m really happy and excited to see what next year is gonna be like for my family. So many things need to get done but I know by God’s grace we’ll make it.

I can’t wait to travel more(even though I’m terrified of planes and try to stop myself from bawling my eyes out when it’s just a 20-45min flight) yes that’s right I HATE PLANES!! Nevertheless, I don’t  want my fears to stop me from seeing the world and I know I want my daughter to see other places other than here too. Not to mention my husband wants to  travel to different places in future so I’ll be the only one left out if I choose to stay, lol!

Anyway, school is gonna re-open soon and my babygirl will be off to experience this new chapter in her life, which I’m very anxious about!

I’m going back to work and looking forward to that and hopefully our living situation may have some progress….. I’m a bit impatient!


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