You Going To Leave Me?

So I’m dropping my daughter off to school this morning and she goes “Mummy you going to leave me?” lol it’s how she said it, she already knows that when I drop her that I can’t stay so I leave her. 

Sadly I miss her a lot but I know it’s a part of her growing up so I’m not sitting around moping. I do however wonder what she’s doing and how they’re treating her etc. Not that I think they’ll I’ll treat her(well I hope not). I always make sure and ask how she’s doing in school, if she’s giving any trouble and things like that because I know my child.

Shocking the teacher said she listens(which she doesn’t do at home and I wish she would) but I’m glad she behaves well at school. Any concerns I have I speak to the teacher about, so all in all things are good.


3 thoughts on “You Going To Leave Me?”

  1. I have no clue about how it feels for a mother to be away from her children. However, with all the reading I’ve done based on experiences of mothers and also listening to my own mother I know that it really hurts and is beyond the vocabulary.

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    1. Yes it is indeed. It’s mind boggling because you can never be too careful. Especially with how things are going in the world, you’ll always be uneasy because of the fact that things can happen at anytime and you’re not around.

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