Hey guys, what’s up?

I was just here thinking how important relationships are. To me, they’re extremely important because throughout life you’ll go through many relationships and in all of them you’re sure to learn something. Whether it be a friendship, relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend, a marriage, relationship between parents or siblings and even work relationships, they all have part to play in your growth as a human being.

Some may agree with me and some may not, it’s fine because this is just my opinion. Society isn’t what it used to be in our parents, grandparents and great grandparents’ time, it has evolved over time and sadly it wasn’t for the better. People don’t care about each other anymore. People don’t respect each other anymore. It’s like we aren’t even humans altogether. If your relationship, whichever the category, isn’t working out please just leave it alone and walk away. It doesn’t make sense killing anyone and you spending your life in jail, dead or on run.

There are a ton of murders, suicides, rapes etc and it keeps getting worse. I don’t know about you but at the start of every year I hope that it’s better than the previous year because it’s terrifying knowing that our babies have to grow up in this world! People can’t live their lives in peace without someone else taking it upon themselves to harm them and sometimes for no damn reason at all.

Imagine people killing you for what’s yours. It’s a distaster! It’s heart wrenching! It needs to stop. Whether you’re in your own home or out, you’re still not 100% safe and that shouldn’t be. The people in authority need to take the jobs they’ve been given seriously and do something to end the senseless killings of innocent lives.

With that being said, have a great day everyone and please be safe out there!


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