First Sick Day

So K started showing signs of the flu over the weekend so her dad suggested that it would be best for her to stay home as the school is air conditioned and may irritate her nose.

So it’s officially her first sick day since school started. I felt as though she could have gone to school because she’s home up and about. She isn’t that sick. Over the weekend she was  coughing a bit and sneezing and had runny nose but today if I had to wipe her nose once or twice that was plenty. However last night with her coughing she vomited.

I’ve watched her thus far and unless she shows more signs like fever etc I think I’m gonna send her. Makes no sense keeping her home when she could be in school doing some work, lol. 


2 thoughts on “First Sick Day

  1. It’s so hard deciding if you should send them or keep them home , always hated it because as soon as I would give them tylenol or advil boom they where acting back to their old selves running around saying they were bored . I understand and now that my son is a teenager he goes no matter what until the nurse sends him home because he will tell me he has things to do and will get behind.

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