Home Again 🏡

……so she was home again today 🤦🏽‍♀️. We woke her up and everything like normal and while she was eating breakfast she was coughing a lot and her dad was in two minds about sending her. I of course told him yesterday she was fine while she was home with me but he then made a point again that the school being air conditioned may humbug her. I also studied that if someone else’s child had the cold I would want them to keep the child home as well because it’s quite obvious that it’d spread in that air condition. So I messaged the school for the second time to let them know. 

Throughout the day she was good, coughed here and there and she even went down the road with her grandmother and uncle..hmm smh. But when I told her to come inside and take a nap a little while after they came back, this cough stared acting up… and everytime she drifted back to sleep she started coughing again. I honestly felt sorry for her because I’ve been in that situation before and it’s terrible for me, far less for her.

If is up to him alone he’d keep her home the rest of the week, but me not so much. I just think it’s still very  early in the new term for her to be missing so much days. Then again it’s what’s best for my child. I guess once it’s left her once and for all she’ll be back to school in no time..


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