Daily Post:Tremble

I tremble at the thought of what would happen to my family if I wasn’t around. If I wasn’t able to protect my daughter or be there for my husband. 

This world that we live in today is ruthless! Nobody cares….and though I try not to be afraid and make myself remember that God will protect his own, bad things do happen to good people at times and that makes me so scared! Why, why should good people be shot, robbed, kidnapped & raped and even tortured? What did they ever do to deserve that? All the while those inhumane beings walk around living happily while families of there victims are grieving.

They have no idea of the hurt they cause people because if they did I think they’d stop. I say this because most of these killers don’t want anybody or anything threatening their families so I bet if the tables were turned and they got a taste of their own medicine, the shit would stop.

Let’s hope and pray that as individuals we can make a big enough impact on society to at least try and change the path to which our world is headed.

Love and blessings to all. Do have a great day!


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