So y’all remember when I wrote about K staying home an entire week with the flu. Well like it’s happening all over again. After that week home I sent her back to school the next week but she still had a little cough. 

Last week Friday I wasn’t feeling too well so my husband went to pick her up from school and he came home and told me that the teacher said she’s coughing a lot and her nose is running so to keep her home so she won’t spread it to the other children. Now the spreading part I get but I just can’t believe this child has to be home again.

Now I don’t mean this in any bad way, it’s just when she stays home I feel like she misses out on work she could have been doing and it’s no problem for me to give her work at home but I also want her to get her homework from school.. yuh kno….

Well I too have the cold so I guess it’s #teammummydaughter for now til she gets better…..


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