Daily Post:Sound

Sometimes I wonder if my daughter hears me. Is the sound of my voice firm, playful, annoying,loving, forceful? I ask these questions because to me, it’s like she ignores me on purpose. Apparently she likes pressing my buttons but the thing is, she doesn’t do to her dad what she does to me…. so I’ve come to the realization that my approach needs to change.

It need to change so that she can take me seriously and not as a joke. That when I speak to her, she knows I mean business. When I’m dealing with her I need to be more stern. Let her know that I’m in charge and not her! I need to deal with her like her dad deals with her because she takes him very serious!

It all boils down to this, at the end if that day I want what’s best for her and in doing so I need to make sure that she has the proper training from home. I have to make sure that when she goes out to school or anywhere in public she has behavior.


4 thoughts on “Daily Post:Sound

  1. That was my son and still is I always felt like I was a joke to him because he never seem to take me serious and I never felt I put the fear in him, but now as his teenage years have come I notice he talks to me about things that is bothering him or about his girlfriend . He doesn’t talk to his dad about these things so I feel he must find I am open minded where my husband is just one way his way well the most part. and strict. I am happy he can feel comfortable talking to me . I hope this makes sense.

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    1. Yes it does make sense. Well I guess each parent has a role to play and probably ours is not to be the strict one but rather the one our kids come to to talk too etc… I hope she comes and speaks to me as well because I would really like us to have a great relationship

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      1. No worries I thing
        your doing fine and she will. My daughter was very close to her dad when she was little I think because she got up set her sister ended up being a brother hahahah but she loves him dearly now and we are very close she is 22 and we are always talking and being silly so no worries.

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