Hesitate-Daily Post

Although I am very outspoken, I sometimes hesitate to tell certain people what I really think and feel(my parents). I just can’t fathom  them and their way of thinking and at times they can be very unbelievable.

They grew up old school and though there are some older heads who are open to meeting the younger generation half way, I just get the feeling that that will never be my parents. Everything has to be there way and I think that in this day and age they need to be more adaptable. I mean it’s the 21st century for Christ sakes!

For this same reason my mother and I never had the relationship that I’ve always wanted and mind you I’m an only child. Hopefully though, K and I would be very close because even though I didn’t have the kind of relationship I wanted with my mum, I want it for myself and my daughter.


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