So as you are aware, my first feature is HotTopic and this right here….this is the second. WELCOME TO FLASHBACKFRIDAY PEOPLE!!!!!!

With this feature I’m going to do a recap of the things that happened this week. So let’s get started…….

In my country it was carnival so both Monday and Tuesday the streets were filled with masqueraders. It commenced on Monday morning at around 4am for Jouvert celebrations which ended probably about 9-10am. 

After that revelers made their way to the capital city to meet up with their bands and have a fun filled day dancing in the sun and chipping to their favorite soca songs. Everyone is always excited to cross the big stage. 

On Wednesday also known as Ash Wednesday, marks the start of the season of Lent so people make their way to church to get ashes. The country also finds out who won Road March(the most played song on the road/stage). Due to the festivities there is no school on both Monday and Tuesday but it resumes on Wednesday. Most times there is hardly anybody at school. The classrooms are almost, if not, empty. Thursday and Friday should be normal but isn’t always guaranteed.

I mainly spent this week home, except for when I accompanied my husband to make a quick stop at his workplace on Monday morning. I didn’t bother sending K to school this week but only because Wednesday they had no school and her dad didn’t think it made sense to send her just 2 days. From next week though…..the wheels start back rolling!


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