HotTopic:Age Appropriate 

So today I wanna talk about what is appropriate for a child’s age and I want to ask you guys’ opinion. So I’ll appreciate it if you’d comment what you think.

My first question is this…At what age do you think is fitting for young ladies between the ages of 12-17 to wear makeup 💄, weave and provocative clothing? My second question is…When do you think is suitable for young teens between that age to have a boyfriend?

I ask this because I see a lot of young ladies looking like adults because of how they dress and carry about themselves and it easily makes them targets. Not saying that there aren’t child predators out and about lurking but there are also a lot of men who get caught having relations with a teenaged girl because she looks like a big woman and let’s be real, this isn’t helping in any way! I think it’s crucial that young girls dress for their age!!!! They’ll be grown in time don’t rush!

Secondly, I think that when children(both boys and girls even though my post mostly refers to girls)are in school, they should focus on getting the best education they can. This world out here is extremely hard and they’ll have all the time in the future to date anybody they want(hopefully good people). So don’t let them waste time on nonsense but rather have them try putting their best foot forward to achieve all of their hearts desires.


2 thoughts on “HotTopic:Age Appropriate ”

  1. I have raised two girls, and am currently raising a third. Right now I have a 10-year old and fortunately, at this stage, she is unconcerned with her appearance. However, there are times when she asks about wearing makeup and just the other day she tried to get me to buy her a bikini – which is a definite “no” in this household. I do allow her to wear a light colored lip gloss now and then, but full on makeup is reserved for dress-up play time and we don’t wear it out in public. My older girls were pretty much let loose with makeup by high school and I had trained them in wearing it to flatter what they already have, not to look like a circus clown. As far as provocative dress – I don’t feel that is ever appropriate except in the privacy of marriage and not in public. I’ve tried to explain to my girls that it’s as much about self-respect as anything. Hope this helps. 😊

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