This week was more or less pretty good. I’m liking my department at work, got through a lot of work and even though I miss my babygirl tremendously, I have a lot of things planned for both she and her dad in the upcoming months.

I enjoyed traveling to and from work with my husband, it reminded me of old times, lol.

Though my goal is to make money and not friends, I do intend to get along with people as best I can. Some of my old colleagues and I still talk and there are some I’ve cut ties with(we weren’t ever friends so I just ignore them actually). It’s not an entirely new environment for me as I worked their while pregnant with K and after I had her for a couple months before resigning so I’m accustomed to the people around me.

As time progresses I know my job will get easier by the day so I’m not worried one bit. With that being said I look forward to what next week will bring.

Hope everyone had a great week as well…..


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