HotTopic:Social Media

Social media nowadays can either be good or bad. Long ago it was mainly about connecting with friends and family that were living abroad etc or whom you haven’t seen in a very long time. Even though it had its faults then too, with the accessibility of it and the evolution of the users it has gone from bad to worse. Presently, it is abused and used as a forum to humiliate thousands of people about their differences. 

It also has become a breeding ground for more perverts/pedophiles and is misused by unsupervised teens who use it as a way to seek attention in the wrong places or to air their bedroom romances. As every great invention,man has always corrupted its true intended purpose. So the decision arises as a parent:-

  1. Do I trust my child to have this technology at his/her fingertips?
  2. Should I be worried?
  3. Is he/she safe?

And so I ask this question. At what age did you or would you allow your child to use social media?


2 thoughts on “HotTopic:Social Media”

  1. Very true. Each and every sentence is so meaningful. Being a 90’s kid we are the eyewitnesses of these internet revolution!
    According to me, a right age when I’m going to allow my kid to use social media is the day when he/she is able to differentiate between right and wrong according to the situation to themselves! But I don’t think it’s possible as kids are faster than us .


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