Last week was a good week overall.  Thursday though, was pretty long.   I thought I’d never leave that place, lol.  When I came home I was sooo tired that I slept and when K and my hubby were attempting to wake me up, I refused to get up!! I just went straight back to sleep.  Friday made up for it though because by 2pm I was on my way out.

K has sports coming up so today we’re heading out to get her a pair of sneakers and then the hubby says he’s taking us somewhere.  I can’t wait!!

I wanna know….How was your week? What memories did you make? What challenges did you overcome?  

What are your plans for this lovely weekend?? Share with me in the comments….


2 thoughts on “FlashbackFriday ”

  1. Cute idea! WE went to the beach and had a great time on Wednesday ( I had worked Monday and Tuesday). After the beach we took the kids to a local fair where they were able to ride to their hearts content. Yesterday was cloudy so we chose an indoor activity of bounce house fun! Spring break is almost over, so its back to reality for all of us soon!

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