My Weekend

This weekend was quiet.  We didn’t really do much.  Friday night we caught up on series that we missed during the week and mannn was it good.  By the time we checked the time it was after 2 in the morning, lol.  We all had a nice soak in on of K’s pools(the one we bought as it’s bigger) and then we went inside, ate and relaxed.  We(my hubby and I) went down the road and bought fast food Saturday night and went back home.  Started watching a movie but didn’t finish.  Yesterday, however, K took a soak alone in the other pool her uncle bought her as that’s smaller and we threw away the one we bought as there were holes in it.

For some reason, I had a horrible migraine yesterday around midday until last night.  It was really bad!  The hubby and I watched Prison Break before I went and took a nap(K was already sleeping) then he ironed the clothes while we were still sleeping.  After I got up I cooked, made bread and put our lunches in our bowls for today and that was me for the night!

This week I’m hoping flies fast so that I can go and curl back up in bed again. 

I hope you guys had a nice weekend and I’m wishing you a safe and productive week!


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