HotTopic:Young Children & Water

K got two pools for her birthday this year.  One from us(which was obviously one of the bigger children’s pools so the 3 of us could fit,LOL) and the other from her uncle( only I can fit with her as I’m on the small side 😂).

Now I don’t know about you but once she wants to go in her pool, if it’s the bigger one if we don’t all go, at least she and I would.  If it’s the smaller one, one of us would stand on the outside just in case.  I’ve always known never to leave children unsupervised around water including these small pools.  Don’t think that because the water is extremely shallow they can’t drown.

Every time I hear a story where a child drowns because they weren’t being watched by an adult, I get upset!  It’s a CHILD!  You’re the parent/guardian, you’re supposed to be looking at them.

Even if it’s not one of those inflatable pools but you actually have a normal pool in your backyard, WATCH THEM!  Especially when they’re really small because we all know when they start walking, THEY DON’T STOP!  You aren’t supposed to let that child out of your sight for this nightmare to even happen.  Make sure the doors are locked and they can’t get out because that split second you take your eyes off them, that could be the moment they decide to walk outside and fall into the water because some children that age LOVE WATER 💦.

I just had to put this out there today because too many innocent lives are being lost because parents/guardians aren’t paying attention.

What are your thoughts on this?

4 thoughts on “HotTopic:Young Children & Water

  1. Agreed. However, more children die because they don’t know how to swim and not by parents not watching them. I think it’s important that parents teach their children how to swim at a young age so if there was an accident they would have known they did their best by teaching their child how to swim.

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