This is how my week went:

Monday, being Easter Monday, was spent quietly with my hubby and daughter.  We relaxed and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Tuesday, was back out to work for us adults(sadly) as I do desperately wanted another week home, to say the least.  We even ran a little late.  I also had a lot of work on Tuesday as it was a long weekend.

Wednesday, however, wasn’t so bad as I didn’t have as much work as the previous day and I also got to leave early(yippee).  My hubby met me after work for us to go get some information pertaining to our driver’s license and the steps we needed to take to make sure we did everything correctly.  

Yesterday, work was hectic and when I got home I took t upon myself to take a nap.  I really needed it.

Today, unlike yesterday, was slowwww.  I thought the day would never end.  On top of having a light work load I had no internet either.  Usually if I have wifi it’ll pass the time until it’s time to go home but unfortunately the person who brings the wifi left very early leaving me bored beyond words.  Well that more or less sums it up.  P.S. I not too long woke up from sleeping…..


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