So here goes nothing….

Monday – I soo wasn’t ready to go back out to work but it is what it is.  We did have a nice weekend, quite and relaxing.  Went to my aunt in law’s on Sunday as it was my cousin in law’s birthday so they were having a small gathering.  We got up there somtime after 1 or 2 and left after 8(wasn’t too pleased with that as we still had some stuff to do in preparation for Monday morning) but we got it done.

Tuesday – I was tired as hell.  I went to work, did what I had to and was glad to be on my way home.  I knew I had a couple things to do like iron prepare food for Wednesday etc but I was sooo exhausted that my hubby said I should take a sleep….. hmm well both myself and K slept til Wednesday morning lol, apparently she was drained as well.

Wednesday – I got up rested as I’m sure I had gotten a full night’s rest.  Even K got up while we were getting ready for work and did some homework because we forgot the night before and seeing that we didn’t wake back up after going to sleep that evening, I wasn’t going to let her go to school without it being completed.  So we hurried and got everything done.  Work was fine not too much to complain about.

Thursday – my hubby and I had a PTA meeting to attend at K’s school in the afternoon so I left work a bit early jus to be able to reach in time.  There’re a few things that are bothering me with the school but I don’t want to move her as she’s just adjusting to that environment and I don’t think that taking her out will do her any good.  Furthermore, my hubby thinks that even though I’m displeased with certain things that I shouldn’t say anything about for fear of her being victimized….. so I guess I’ll just have to rally out til she leaves, which is like 1 1/2yrs again.  Can’t wait!

Friday – was a pretty smooth day.  A bit hectic after work as we had a few errands to run but it was overall a good day.


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