Hey guys, I hope you had an awesome weekend. So we’re in the month of May, which is 5 mths into 2017 already.  Boy how time flies!!

I had a great weekend!!!! Saturday was the first time in months that the hubby and I were able to  go on a date.  I was soooooo excited.  I got all dolled up just for him.  Earlier that day we had to make a stop to the Dr, then we went to the barber and after that was home to get ready for our date.  K was actually supposed to come with us but as she didn’t sleep during the day and fell asleep in the maxi on the way home from the barber, we thought it best to leave her at home so she wouldn’t be cranky later on.  We had an amazing time.  I missed that 1 on 1 time sooooo much.

Yesterday, we went to the market and when we came back home I did started some washing and hubby finished it as I took a nap.  K was on the bed with me watching Tom and Jerry and she too fell knocked out eventually.  When I turned and realized she was out cold I simply took it off and went back to sleep, lol.  When I got up I began folding clothes and started cooking.  The next thing was to feed K as she got up and let her cool off before going to bathe as I had to wash her hair.  After that, all I had to do was comb her hair, finish cook, iron our clothes and make up the beds.  Hubby had a headache so he relaxed a bit.

I’d say my weekend was pretty productive.  I got through most if not everything that I wanted to do and I’m happy about that.  

How was your weekend? Did you get through all that you needed to?

Wishing you all a very safe and productive week ahead.  Smile!!!  Be happy!  Stay positive!!

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