Now I don’t know about you but before K started pre school, she was perfectly fine.  By this I mean she rarely had colds.  If she got it 3 times for the year that was it.  Since starting school in January,  she had to stay away for more than one week, which I dot like one bit.

Before Easter break she was good and now she had to stay home yesterday and today because of a runny nose.  I mean school just re-opened.

I bought a tonic for her just to prevent these things from happening but I guess it doesn’t work that quickly, lol.

As far as I see and know, it seems like kids get sick frequently after starting nursery or school.

Does anyone have this same problem with their kids? What did you use to boost their immune system? 


6 thoughts on “HotTopic 

  1. Same thing with most kids. There are just so many germs at schools. My kids have great immune systems but they pick up something every now and then. They are in 3rd and 2nd grade and my little one is 3. Eating healthy is a great way to boost their immune systems. Salads, protein, fruit. I don’t give my kids medicine unless absolutely necessary. The cold will pass on its own. Also making sure they get about 10+ hours of sleep is a good idea.


  2. My son got sick all the time when in daycare and I missed so much work. He caught everything. However, since being in school he’s gotten less sick because his immune system is strengthened by fighting all the illnesses. I give him a daily vitamin, protein and lots of vegetables.

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