Here we go again…..

Monday – we all stayed home and relaxed as we had a full day on Sunday(from going to Chuck E Cheese’s and spending about 3hrs playing games and eating and then attending my brother in law’s show, to passing by an aunt to get something, then going by KFC, it really was tiring) I just couldn’t make to cook and help K with homework and there were still clothes to iron as well.  I just didn’t have he energy to do all those things so I decided that we all would stay home.  We got up after 7 or 8 and neither my husband nor myself heard our alarms.  When we got up K was still sleeping too.  We all were really exhausted.  Throughout the day though, we prepared for Tuesday.

Tuesday –  started off rainy and I almost contemplated staying home again, lol.  However, I went to work and finished up work that was left for me to complete from Monday and did my work for that day as well.  It was a pretty good day.  

Wednesday – was a pretty smooth day.  The hubby and I are taking turns every night now to ensure K keeps her bedtime to it was my night to see about it.  Slipped in 2 episodes of a series that I haven’t watched in a while, are and finished fed K.

Thursday – work was fine.  Home however, I had to finish wash, fold alllll the clothes from that day and the time before(which was earlier in the week, I so wasn’t feeling to do it that time) because I couldn’t leave it there any longer, it was getting to be a mountain.  Prepared something for lunch, pack away the clothes and after that I took a shower and started watching a show and realized I was dropping asleep so I just turned it off and went to bed.

Friday – was great.  Left work before 2pm and was super excited to go home,lol.  Had some rain on the way but other than that I couldn’t wait for the weekend.


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