Hi my darlings, so today’s HotTopic is about pleasing your husband or for want of a better word, listening.  

Today I wanna talk about dressing to please your husband.  Some women look at this as controlling because they don’t think their husband should tell them what they should and shouldn’t wear.

Now I get that you’re your own woman and everything but we must also remember that we represent our spouses wherever we go.  For me, I don’t really see the big fuss in it.  If you’re married you can’t want to be dressing half naked  and showing off all your goods and most importantly your husband’s goods!  So if he asks you to change I don’t see the issue.

Not everyone will be cool with this, I know, but say what.  

Would you dress to please your husband?  Do you think that he’s controlling if he asks you not to wear something?  What would you do?

Marriage goes both ways.  We have to learn to compromise in order for things to work and the same respect you want from your spouse you have to be able to give back.  Put yourself in your significant other’s shoes.  How would you feel?


6 thoughts on “HotTopic 

  1. I think that if a man found you attractive enough to marry you based on the way you dressed he shouldn’t try to change that. That behavior is controlling. If a man isn’t attracted to a woman who dresses a certain way then why would he marry her?

    Most men that I know who are married are happy with the way that their wives dressed. However, I don’t have friends that are married that dress half naked. They didn’t do it before they were married, so they don’t do it after.


    1. Now I get where you’re coming from. But what if he didn’t marry the woman because of how she dressed but because he saw other qualities in her that he loved, but she did have an issue with dressing respectfully. If he does marry her shouldn’t he ask her to dress a little more appropriate? What would you say about that?


      1. Nope. Marriage is not about changing someone. You don’t get married to change someone. That is where a lot of problems start. You need to ask yourself if they never changed could you be okay with it. If not, don’t get married. Many people marry thinking that they can change someone and that’s not how it works or is it fair to the other person. If it bothers you then say something before you get married.


      2. Yep. Marriage is about accepting the person before you. If you’re looking to change them then you shouldn’t marry them because then you’ll be disappointed. It’s similar to a woman having a baby believing that the man will stay. Babies don’t change people.


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