Month End Monday

So I’m back and feeling good about it.  Hopefully this week is better than last.

It’s a beautiful day and we can accomplish so much today, so put your best foot forward and just roll with the punches.

Life has been good to me.  I can’t complain 😊.  Father’s Day is coming up and I’m really excited to surprise my hubby with this gift that I’ve been working on, trying to come up with ways for him to not get suspicious, lol.  My pumpkin is slowly but surely getting over the cold even though she sorta gave it to me…. but say what!  And with regards to work, my contract is ending Wednesday so when I come on Thursday I’ll know what’s happening(hopefully) because despite the amount of times I called, I’ve been told they can’t tell me what’s going to happen until the young lady that I’m holding on for comes out.  Hence the reason I’m coming out on Thursday, to see if she shows.  

Honestly, I find it a bit ridiculous because being a parent, your job is very important for the survival of you and your family and even though I can stay home, if I were a single parent what would be my predicament?  Anyway I’m hoping for the best but if it doesn’t work out here, I’ll get something else.

This past weekend was good.  Relaxing but good. Saturday hubby and I had some errands to run so we did that and K went out with my mother in law.  When we got back, hubby and a friend of his did some work in the yard.  Sunday we just chilled.  K did her homework and I washed.  I cooked something new but simple for lunch and we catched up on some of the series we missed out on last week.  Later on in the evening, I started getting ready for this coming week so I gave K a bathe and washed her hair and combed it.  She then ate dinner and hubby ironed a little before bed(by that time i was already dropping asleep,lol).

Anyway have a fantastic and safe week everyone!  Stay blessed!


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